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Horace Spiegelman Gets Made Redundant
24 pages
5.5" x 8.5"
b/w insides
full color front and back cover
Horace is the story of a mediocre man who slowly disintegrates and absorbs the environment around him. Or does the environment absorb him? Text by Socar Myles, art by myself and Socar. The illustrations are arranged in spreads; I did the left hand side, she did the right. More of Socar's art can be found at her DA.
Previews: Mine: 01|02|03 and Socar's: 01|02|03. More samples at her DA.

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No! Bad Kitty!
20 pages
5.5" x 4.25" (mini-comic)
b/w insides
b/w cover printed on green cardstock
SOLD OUT - may restock in future
This is a silly bunch of comics about my cats and the bad things they do.
Preview: 01|02

Picnic on the Moon #1
40 pages
5.5" x 8.5"
b/w insides
b/w cover printed on lavender cardstock
Picnic is a personal zine of autobiographical stories in comic format. The first volume is about my trip to NYC to the MoCCA Festival in 2010 and a visit to friends in LA, and how social anxiety impacts my interactions with people sometimes. There is also a story about queer identity, and a handful of extra pictures. The NYC story can be previewed here.

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15 x Thirteen Illustration Anthology
55 pages, full color, limited print run of 250
I contributed 3 brand new illustrations not seen on this site.
Also contributing:
ShySuiko| Coey| Ms. Rosek| Katie Ryan| Andreia Parreire| Hamlet Machine| Rachel Britton| Ash Evans| Lois van Baarle| Mike Puncekar| Kelly Bastow| Kai-ou 'msh' Tang| P. Gaither| Renee Britton|
Price: SOLD OUT! Check out the link below for possible places to buy.

Visit here to buy directly from Shy or see more previews

Nice Guts Vol 0
comics anthology:
56 pages
5.5" x 8.5"
b/w insides
b/w cover printed on green cardstock
My comic is by far the longest of all these at 18 pages. Goodness!
Other Contributions by: LMP, Sebastian, Koganorio, and Vera
More info and a free download are here:

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81 pages, manga size trade paperback
Original comic (with minor cosmetic fixes from the online version)
4 page extra story
extra drawings
wall-o'-text author's note
Guest Art! by
Andrea Schwartz, Anitta K. Smith, Hamlet Machine, Ramiro Roman, Jr, the Rast, Socar Myles, Vera L
Price: $10
SOLD OUT - You can buy it at IndyPlanet. :)

Flesh Games
Adult comic, m/m, BDSM themes
8.5 x 5.5, b/w xerox interior
b/w and magenta cover with on blue cardstock
34 pages
An adult booklet. Two comics + a few miscellaneous pictures. 18+ only.
Preview: 01|02

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P4 3way
Adult fancomic done for Persona 4.
8.5 x 5.5, b/w xerox interior
b/w cover with red tone on golden-orange cardstock
24 pages
An adult booklet. Dojima/Hero/Yosuke and Daisuke/Ai/Kou. 18+ only.
Preview: 01|02
SOLD OUT, Thank you!

These are other publication which contain my work, but which I'm not selling:

F*X*T Mag, Vol 1
Volume 1 contains one of my illustrations.
Buy it at


Crown Royale Comics Anthology, Vol 0
This comic contains a short story by me: A spoof of Little Red Riding Hood! Red is an aloof hipster, the wolf is a sissy boy, and his cousin is Big Bad who tries to make him man up!
Buy a copy while they last at
Previews: 01|02|03|04


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Prints 06, 09, and 11 are fanarts of Persona 4, copyright Atlus. 14 is fanart of Starfighter characters.

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