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Posted 21:56
Fri 20 April
by agnesagnes

Hi readers old and new,
I am working on a few projects I can't really share yet, and I just signed on for another one with a book publishing startup. Acrobats has been barely updated for months now and while I love my characters and story still, I really think it's best to put it on hold and come back to it when I can devote appropriate time and energy to a regularly-updated comic. I was originally planning to get through chapter one and put out a booklet, but it would still take a while to get there, and now way am I just shoving an incomplete story into published format and peddling it to people without being able to tell them when the resolution will arrive!

I will be updating sketches and miscellaneous things now and again and I plan on having a table at APE, SF Zinefest, and Bent Con this year (jury is out for Yaoi Con!) Feel free to follow my <a href="">Tumblr</a> or <a href="">blog for substantial updates, as well as the Twitter and Facebook links to the upper right.

Thank you all!!


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